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The three simple objective - 3 rules of iKreate

We Help You Grow

In every aspects, a helping hand is always better for business. However, the crucial question is, will it prove to be beneficial? You will never know unless you hear it and try it. Business is a matter of risk taking. We will do it the safest way !

You Help Us Grow

We assure you that we have a very efficient way of accessing the return of the help we do in your business. As we are a business house too, we understand the importance of the investments you are doing in technology and management.

We Grow Together

It would be foolish to underestimate the possibilities of maintaining a long term relation with the projects & clients. We analyze those possibilities with best advice, proposals, insurance and all time support at awesome investments.


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Services - Work Areas

Web Application Development

In short, we develop personalized software for any organization and the good news is that, it can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. There are limitless possibilities of what we can create and share.

Mobile Application Development

Development of mobile proves the development of information access to all. So we are very careful on how to broadcast your existence and how to get in touch with, in simple and efficient way.

Creative Designing

Good art is a talent but a good design is a skill. Designs are perceptions, and we follow common perceptions. We believe, at most there are three responses for a piece of design; Yes, No or WOW ! Basically, We aim for the third in iKreate.


Serch Engine Optimization / Social Media Marketing. With the thought, "People want to do business with you because you help them get what they want not to help you get what you want." Let's see what you can offer to your market !

System Maintenance

The greatest flaw in you might be; you want to build but you don't want maintenance. We believe there's start, there's end, and in between there's maintenance. This is only about making sure that everything is safe and working in order.

Promotion & Branding

Single slogan or tagline can create a great difference in any business or institution. We understand, promotion and branding defines your business the simplest way. Lets look outside and plan for some showoffs.

Domain Registration

Most of the web development work starts with a domain name. We tend to find and advice the best domain names to suit your organization or business. Starting just at NRS 1200 per year, reserve your business name now.

Web Hosting

Best & cost effective hosting plan for all kinds of Web Application is what we lean to. Powered by the easy-to-use cPanel interface and packed with all the tools you need to manage your website and email.

Technical Consultancy

Apart from just buying & selling, we give technical consultancy; paid or unpaid. We understand, before buying any product or service, you tend to learn more about it. We will answer all your un-answered questions.

Everything about us - What we are & what we do, all in one file

Sometimes, you can be out of internet coverage area or you want to keep a hard copy of the company information. Selecting and editing information from website can be hectic. So, we have created a PDF document to help you save your time and get what you want in one or two clicks. Here is a detail company profile for our viewers.

Download - Company Profile - BETA

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Hosting requirement Calculator

Most of us are not technically sound. Sometimes, we are unaware of what IT Companies talk about. One of the most commonly faced issue is knowing how much space and bandwidth will your website need to run smoothly over the internet. Moreover, some companies have definite packages to choose from no matter if its going to be insufficient or waste. Revolutionizing the hosting sales, we have started providing hosting service as per the requirement. You can calculate, modify, and combine various entities such as expected number of visitors, approx number and size of photos to be used, videos, etc. to understand proper hosting needs.

Calculate Hosting Requirement - BETA