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" Hello User ! This message is for you from all of us working at iKreate Technologies sent through our website. We assume, you would like to hear from people who would be working on your project. We believe in greater possibilities and understand your vision of making the business loud and clear. We understand that when you improve, we improve too alongside. Thus, taking your project to a win with reliability is always our plan at our work place."

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" Thank you for taking the time to visit the iKreate Technologies' website. Here at iKreate Technologies, we cherish each and every client, and embrace their mission. If you are seeking a company for creative projects, you are at the right place. Your mission is our mission & we will do whatever it takes to make your projects successful. We value your feedback and always incorporate your comments to achieve continuous improvements & upgrades.








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Our Team and we three

Ashish Niroula

Co-founder / CEO

Naturally, we cannot accurately predict what the world will be like in ten or twenty years' time. That is why we are looking to lay the foundation for a solid operating platform that can help us sustain growth even under uncertain conditions. Web technology can be a useful tech to rely on.

Sumant Jha


We are always looking for the best and the brightest professionals with dedication to work and with positive attitude. Our employees are our biggest assets. Each employee is a part of our family. We care for each other, mentor and help each other.

Suved Gadtoula

Technical Advisor

We discuss on every tiny details. More than advising, we plan on specific strategies for specific problems. Its certain that the technical possibilities of a business and projects and the way of implementing them to last long are inter-related. We watch over all technical soundness.

Lets have a talk - simple modifications can create great differences

We are eagerly waiting for you to contact us. We don't tend to force you into upgrade unless we are poked by you. The only effort you put is to click the button below and follow it, leading to us. We understand your business no matter how big or small it is. It is just a matter of thought. Think like a big business before making it a big business. Financially, we are proud to say that our services prices starts from NRS 900 !

Those who believed on us - Proud Partners